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Blue Chips: Mother of On300 commit Mason Curtis talks Michigan

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Blue Chips: Mother of On300 commit Mason Curtis talks Michigan

I recently caught with Dawn Curtis, mother of On300 Michigan commit Mason Curtis, to get her thoughts on U-M and more.

Here are some highlights from the interview. 

On why Michigan was the right fit: 

“The first visit we had is when he committed. Michigan was a school that was on his radar. When we went there, I felt comfortable with everything. To see the look on his face and after hearing what he had to say following the first day of the visit, it all just clicked. The relationships with the coaches, the academics, the history of the program, the town — he just loved everything about it.”

On what she personally likes about Michigan: 

“The strength and conditioning program and the nutritionist (Abigail O’Connor) were a big deal for me. I want to make sure he puts on the right weight to help protect him from injury. Of course, the facilities. The other thing that stood out was I could tell how much they actually watched Mason. They knew his ins and outs. When we met with (Dylan) Roney, he went through what they do with their drills and pulled up Mason’s film and showed him doing the same thing. They invested a lot of time in watching him. They know a lot about him.” 

On the Michigan coaching staff:

“I felt very comfortable. Every time we go, it’s like we’re visiting family. It didn’t take very long to get to that comfortable. The first conversation we had with Coach (Jim) Harbaugh on that first visit was excellent. He was very easy to talk to. He and Mason clicked. Roney is great. Coach Clink (Steve Clinkscale) is great. Coach (Mike) Elston is great. It felt like we had known each other for a long time.” 

On where Curtis’ commitment stands: 

“He is 100 percent in. Every time we visit, he loves it even more. I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t ask him after every visit ‘do you still feel the same?’ But every time, he just loves it more. He’s ready to get there. If his school would let him graduate early, he would enroll early, but he can’t.” 

On what she wants to see on their official visit on June 16: 

“For me, I just want to spend more time with the academic advisors. I told Mason that we haven’t even seen the dorms. My understanding is you have to live on campus your freshman year. We’ve been to a lot of schools with really nice apartments. He’s seen all of that. But he loved Michigan so much that he didn’t care what the dorms looked like. As a mom, I would like to see where he’s living (laughs).”

On Michigan’s academics: 

“I’m super impressed. Their alumni network is huge. That’s crucial for when his playing days are over. That alumni network means a lot. The weight of having a degree from Michigan will take him far.” 

On how Curtis will fit in on and off the field: 

“I think he’ll do well. He’s a sociable kid. He doesn’t know too many strangers. He’s a quiet kid, but he’s very laid-back. He gets along with everybody. I’m excited that this 2024 class has been communicating so early. That will just continue so they have those relationships going into it. He already knows a couple of players on the team from this area (Junior Colson and Myles Pollard). I think he’ll fit in well.”

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