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Dan Orlovsky calls Anthony Richardson the ‘most talented player in the draft’

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Dan Orlovsky calls Anthony Richardson the ‘most talented player in the draft’

As the 2023 NFL Draft nears, the quarterback drama is only heating up. At this point, most folks feel safe believing that Bryce Young will go to the Carolina Panthers at No. 1. But beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess and anyone’s name who could come off the board with the second pick. CJ Stroud was one of the favorites, but after a low score on the cognition tests, which now has a bunch of NFL executives panicked while Stroud is now projected to drop at least a little bit.

However, ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky, a former quarterback himself, has one particular player in mind for who the Houston Texans ought to select second. He revealed on GetUp Monday morning that polarizing QB prospect Anthony Richardson would be his choice once Young is off the board. Here was his case:

“I take Anthony Richardson at Florida, because 1.) The physical talent is so good he becomes top five in the NFL at any position is he matches what it should be. 2.) The biggest complain about Anthony, or knock on him, is the accuracy issues — and I don’t believe that there’s any visual evidence.’”

Orlovsky attempted to prove his statement by showing a series of incomplete passes during the Gators’ game against Missouri last fall, where receivers that were pretty tightly covered failed to come up with a number of catches that Orlovsky believes they should have had. One deep ball even bounced off the defensive back’s head, yet he called it “another 40-yard drop” by the Florida wideouts.

After showing those clips, Orlovsky pleaded that the alleged accuracy issues with Richardson are just a statistical mirage and perhaps the fault of his receivers, who weren’t able to Randy Moss their defenders for 50/50 balls all season.

“Everybody has said, ‘accuracy issues’ — it’s not there! Maybe numerically, I could agree with that. But the tape does not say Anthony Richardson has accuracy issues. That was one game, I showed you three passes that would have gone over 100 yards and one of them was a touchdown. He’s the most talented player in this draft at the quarterback position, you take him at No. 2.”

Wow, not only does Dan Orlovsky believe AR is the man at No. 2, but he also considers him the most talented player in the entire draft. High, high praise from the former NFL QB just ahead of this year’s draft.

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