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ESPN’s Todd McShay reveals the one thing he wants to see from Bryce Young’s Pro Day

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ESPN’s Todd McShay reveals the one thing he wants to see from Bryce Young’s Pro Day

On Thursday, Alabama will have its Pro Day. The obvious main show is quarterback Bryce Young, who is expected to be a very early first round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

During an appearance on Get Up, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay explained what he expects to see from Bryce Young at his Pro Day. That starts with his arm strength.

“I want to see the arm velocity compared to [CJ] Stroud. That’s the beauty of having these stacked up one, two, three, and then there’s Anthony Richardson just a few days later,” McShay said.

“Just seeing the ability to drive the ball down the field. I’ve seen him play live two or three times and I know his arm strength. I’ve seen him against Mississippi State when he had that shoulder injury, it wasn’t the same. I want to see if he’s back to 100% and if he’s driving the ball down the field.”

Todd McShay also expects Bryce Young to show off his unique skills that separate him from other quarterbacks and made him so special at Alabama.

“I also expect, because it’s his game, to see a lot more mobility drills and throwing outside the pocket, on the run, and showcasing what he does best, which is extend plays and throw when pressure is bearing down on him.”

As of now, Bryce Young is expected to be a very high pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. Kiper, in his latest mock draft, has Young going second overall to the Houston Texans. Really, the only big concern about Young is his size, which many people are willing to overlook and Nick Saban has continually downplayed.

McShay mocked Kiper over his Young caveat

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper has been obsessed with Bryce Young’s small stature. So much so that he has a pretty insane caveat — that Young needs to be over 200lbs. It’s become a fixation for Kiper and led Todd McShay to start teasing him over the concern.

“At least you’re a man of your word. I couldn’t believe you when you told me a couple of weeks ago, ‘If he’s 194 pounds, he’s not gonna be QB1. If he’s 196 pounds, he’s QB1. Came in at 204, so you are a man of your word,” McShay joked.

“I’ll say this: it is a concern. If you’re not gonna draft Bryce Young, it’s gonna be because of the size. He’ll be the first quarterback going back to 2006 when we started recording it that will be this small in terms of his weight. …We’ve had Kyler Murray. We’ve had smaller quarterbacks. They’re thicker. He has a slender frame and NFL teams, they’re worried about it. Can he last 17 games in the NFL? He held in there in the SEC for the most part. Had that shoulder injury this past year (and) fought through that. But 17 games is what every NFL GM I talk to says, ‘We’re just worried about that.’ If he’s not the first quarterback take, it will be because of that size.”

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