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Family of Spencer Webb wants proof that late Oregon standout fathered child with Instagram model

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Family of Spencer Webb wants proof that late Oregon standout fathered child with Instagram model

The family of late Oregon tight end Spencer Webb has released a statement stating its desire for proof he had a child with Instagram model Kelly Kay. Kay had the baby March 30, just over eight months after Webb’s sudden death at age 22.

“Our family has tried to focus on our grieving process since the passing of our brother, son, and nephew,” the statement read. “We grieve both individually and as a family, trying to cope with this tragedy. In the first hours after Spencer passed, and only a few days after they met, Kelly began talking about the possibility of being pregnant. Since Spencer isn’t able to handle this situation himself, we have tried to navigate this sensitive space as a family.

“That being said, our family has doubts and concerns regarding the paternity of this child for a multitude of reasons. Until this point, we’ve remained silent in hopes that a DNA test would confirm Spencer as the father. Unfortunately, Kelly has been unwilling to compromise regarding the matter in which the DNA test is collected. Due to the inability to agree on a suitable DNA collection process, we wanted to put together a statement and timeline to help provide the family’s perspective on these circumstances.”

Full statement from the late Spencer Webb’s brother and father and other family members here:

— John Canzano (@johncanzanobft) May 11, 2023

Spencer Webb’s family details timeline of events for his relationship with Instagram model

The family laid out a full timeline of events from just before Webb’s death to after the baby was born.

In June, Webb took a trip with a woman — not Kay — and introduced her to his family and friends as his girlfriend. That took place June 11-20. Then, on June 28, Kay sent Webb a message on social media as the first communication between the two of them, according to his family.

They didn’t meet in person until July 7 when Kay flew from Tennessee to Oregon to visit Webb. Just six days later, Webb died in a cliff-diving accident. After his death, Kay started saying she could be pregnant with his child.

On July 25, the family said Kay started to tell family members she was pregnant with Webb’s child. Four days later, on July 29, she texted Webb’s phone saying she’s pregnant, referring to the baby as “him” in the message.

The timeline jumped to Aug. 15 when Kay sent another message to Webb’s phone saying she tested to see what the sex of the baby would be. She said she’d have the results in two days. The next day, she texted family members asking for some of Webb’s things. The following day, Aug. 17, she texted Webb’s phone confirming the baby was a boy.

On Aug. 24 — two days after Kay announced the pregnancy on social media — she asked the family to release Webb’s blood from the Oregon medical examiners for a DNA test. The family asked her to remove the post in light of the circumstances, but she declined and “was unwilling to remove the social media post,” according to the statement.

About a month later, on Sept. 23, Kay texted Webb’s brother Cody asking for some of his things. She also said “It would be really sh—y if you’re the reason his kid doesn’t have anything to remember him by.” Another month passed before she again reached out to the family asking where donation money went from a food cart fundraiser in Eugene for Webb’s family.

Timeline of events after the baby was born

The baby was born March 30. Shortly thereafter, on April 10, Kay started the process of getting the DNA test with Webb’s parents and scheduled the test “with a provider of her choice,” the family said.

“This provider offers satellite locations throughout the country and does not require both parties to be present at the time the DNA is collected,” the statement read. “Kelly had the baby swabbed without representation from Spencer’s family present. Kelly was informed our family discussed the situation and we feel uncomfortable with the DNA collection process unless done at a neutral site, outside of her general area, with all parties present.”

Three days passed and the family again reached out to Kay, reiterating their desire to have a DNA test performed, but acknowledging they weren’t comfortable with the process she started.

“We explained to Kelly that we would like to have the testing conducted at a neutral location like Nashville; that we would like to witness the child giving his DNA sample, and we would like to utilize a mutually agreed upon facility. We offered to pay for all testing and travel expenses at a neutral location, as well as reimburse Kelly for any expenses incurred to date for the process she initiated on her own.

“Unfortunately, Kelly has been unwilling to compromise or empathize with our concerns.”

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