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Florida Gators have a date to get back to Summer Regimen

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Florida Gators have a date to get back to Summer Regimen

Final exams just ended and 62 Florida Gators student-athletes walked across the stage for graduation. The Gators are currently in the discretionary portion of the offseason but will soon return to campus to get back in the weight room.

Speaking with Gators Online prior to meeting with the Panhandle Gator Club, Billy Napier revealed when that will be.

“They’ll be back here in the middle of May for summer school. We officially start our summer training on May 29th,” Napier told Gator Online’s Keith Niebuhr. “Our staff, we’ve got a couple of spots open that we’re trying to add players to through the portal.”

The Gators extended an offer to Rhode Island cornerback Antonio Carter. Florida still has needs to address through the portal and will continue to work on getting players on campus. That has been the key, in Napier’s mind, to stay competitive in recruiting.

“We’ve worked hard on the player experience at Florida. I would argue that it’s as good as anywhere in the country,” Napier told Gators Online. “If we get them to campus, we’re in it. I think if you take a good look right now, every kid that’s been on our campus — for the most part — we’re right in the middle of it.” 

What are the Florida Gators’ eight phases?

Napier’s football plan is broken up into eight phases: foundation, identity, spring practice, discretionary period, summer regimen, training camp, in-season, and post-season.

Florida has completed foundation, identity, spring practice, and are currently in the discretionary period. This is a few weeks for the Gators to get away from the facility. It doesn’t mean they won’t or can’t work out on their own, but the coaching staff will focus on recruiting the portal and high school ranks.

“We have very specific goals and objectives for each one of those,” Napier said. “Everybody in the building’s got things that they’re in charge of and that we’re trying to accomplish.”

The Summer regimen will begin later this month and will run into training camp. It will be a critical time for the Gators football team. It’s also a time for leadership to develop during OTA, player-run practices. Most importantly for the two quarterbacks still vying for the starting job.

“Training camp is essentially two spring practices to some degree and we’re going to have, you know, 18 OTAs this summer,” Napier said. “A lot of throwing and catching, a lot of meetings. A lot of competition left here.” 

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