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Four-star LB Kamar Mothudi had some doubt going into the Nebraska visit; now Huskers likely to get an official visit

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Four-star LB Kamar Mothudi had some doubt going into the Nebraska visit; now Huskers likely to get an official visit

Inside linebacker Kamar Mothudi from Los Angeles (Calif) Campbell visited Nebraska this past weekend. He will admit that he didn’t know what to think about the trip going into it. The people, the fans, the game, and the facilities helped make the visit to Nebraska great for Mothudi. He says that there is an excellent chance Nebraska will get an official visit now.

“I got in on Friday night,” Mothudi said. “We didn’t get in until 5:00, so we just kind of hung out, chilled, and went to dinner.”

Kamar Mothudi meets with the Nebraska linebackers coach

On Saturday morning, there was only a little time to do much with the game at 1:00. Mothudi did get some time with the linebackers coach and was very impressed by the meeting.

“Before the game, we were able to do some things even though the staff was really busy. I was able to talk with Coach Dvoracek. We chilled in the player lounge.

“I like him a lot. I liked his teaching style and how he explained things to me. That was something that jumped out to me.”

Nebraska says that they like Mothudi now inside. But now, Mothudi is just 16 years old and may not be done growing yet.

“From what they were saying, they like me more inside right now, but I am still only 16 years old. So I can still grow. If I keep growing, they could see me playing for Outside or Edge. I was 6-foot-2.5 and 224-pounds.”

The fans, stadium, and environment blow Kamar Mothudi away

Mothudi said the fans were showing up early in the stadium and just kept coming. He hasn’t been to many scrimmages, but he’s seen them on T.V., and he’s never seen too many people in the stands for a scrimmage.

“The stadium, wow!” Mothudi said. “I have only been to a few other campuses and stadiums, and I haven’t seen anything like that. That type of support for just a spring game is amazing.

“When you watch the spring games on T.V., the stands are half full if there are any people there at all. It was full from the very top to the bottom. And they were doing all of their chants.

“We got there in the stadium at 10:30 or 11:00, so about two hours before kickoff, and people were already there. They were already showing up.”

After he watched the fans fill up, he checked out Nebraska’s defense. He was watching the linebacker positions to see if he could play those spots.

“I watched their defense in the game, and I think that it’s a good fit for me. I think that their defense is a good fit for my versatility as a player. I have the athleticism to play inside or outside.”

Nebraska is a school Mothudi would like to visit again

On Saturday night, Mothudi was thinking about his visit to Nebraska. Without hesitation, he said that he was definitely interested in revisiting Nebraska.

“It definitely is,” Mothudi said. “I was a little iffy before coming from California. They have a good school and good traditions. It surprised me, and I really enjoyed it.”

There were several things that Mothudi liked about the visit. But what put Nebraska over the top was the family environment he said he could feel while on the visit.

“There was a sense of family,” Mothudi said. “Everyone was genuine, they were up-front, they were caring, and they love the game of football here.”

Plans going ahead and could Nebraska get an official visit?

Mothudi still needs to set up official visits. He will be doing that soon. He says he will drop a list of top schools later this summer.

“I haven’t locked in any official visits, but I have a few in mind that I will OV. As far as top schools, I am probably going to wait on that until later this summer or closer to my season. It might be late July or August.”

A new NCAA rule would allow recruits to take more than five official visits. Mothudi says he will likely take more than five visits, and an official visit to Nebraska would probably be to see a game this fall.

“I could see myself going beyond five and doing seven or eight official visits. The rule takes effect after July 1 and I kind of want to see a lot of schools.

“The play would be to take visits in June and then come back for more official visits to see a game, and I would do that to Nebraska to see a game, and the facilities would be done.”

It’s tough to gauge interest or likelihood that a recruit will take a visit in the fall after they take four or five in the summer. Mothudi seemed convinced he would be back in Nebraska in the future.

“Probably 75% or 80% chance I take an official visit to Nebraska,” Mothudi said. “And that’s right now, and not getting wowed and wanting to go there.”

Facilities make a huge impression on Kamar Mothudi

When Mothudi was driving to the campus, he said the facilities seemed to rise above the Lincoln skyline. He noticed the stadium and the new facilities right outside. He also saw the area in the Haymarket where the basketball team plays.

“From the plane to the hotel, I was just staring at the stadium and the rest of the buildings around the stadium. They’re huge. The basketball facility downtown is huge! The current facilities aren’t even that bad. They’re just trying to build on it. The new facilities are going to be huge.

“As a player, you would never need to leave it. You would have weights, tutors, recovery, eat, coaches, meetings, and places to hang out and even sleep there. You could live there, probably!”

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