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Georgia Football: Rosters set for G-Day 2023

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Georgia Football: Rosters set for G-Day 2023

ATHENS, Ga. β€” Georgia Football is set to take the field here at Sanford Stadium in about an hour and a half, and rosters for today’s matchup are out. In a scrimmage that pits the Red against the Black, Kirby Smart and company split the team in half that has the first team offense working the second team defense and vice versa.

Yes, there’s some mixing and matching that occurs throughout the course of the game, and not all the players on the rosters are available to play, but for the most part things stick to the set lists pregame. For your ease viewing the game, here’s how the Red and Black teams shake out.

π™π™šπ™™ 𝙫𝙨. π˜½π™‘π™–π™˜π™ 

Pick your side. #GoDawgs

β€” Georgia Football (@GeorgiaFootball) April 15, 2023

Red Team

1 β€” Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (WR)

4 β€” Oscar Delp (TE)

4 β€” AJ Harris (CB)

5 β€” Raylen Wilson (ILB)

6 β€” Dominic Lovett (WR)

6 β€” Daylen Everette (CB)

8 β€” Joenel Aguero (S)

9 β€” Justyn Rhett (DB)

11 β€” Arian Smith (WR)

12 β€” Julian Humphrey (CB)

18 β€” CJ Smith (WR)

19 β€” Brock Bowers (TE)

15 β€” Carson Beck (QB)

16 β€” Jackson Muschamp (QB)

20 β€” Sevaughn Clark (RB)

20 β€” JaCorey Thomas (S)

26 β€” Samuel M’Pemba (OLB)

29 β€” Gabriel Harris (OLB)

28 β€” Marcus Washington Jr. (DB)

30 β€” Daijun Edwards (RB)

30 β€” Terrell Foster (ILB)

31 β€” Smoke Bouie (DB)

32 β€” Cash Jones (RB)

33 β€” CJ Allen (ILB)

35 β€” Aidan Bailey (ILB)

35 β€” Autine Fleming (DB)

35 β€” Damon Wilson (OLB)

36 β€” Colby Smith (DB)

38 β€” Patrick Taylor (DB)

39 β€” Parker Jones (DB)

39 β€” Collin Lark (DB)

41 β€” Denton Shamburger (OLB)

42 β€” Graham Collins (ILB)

43 β€” James Boswell (ILB)

44 β€” Jordan Hall (DT)

47 β€” Sam Shurtleff (OLB)

48 β€” Cooper Johnson (TE)

49 β€” Jamier Moten (DB)

51 β€” Will Snellings (LS)

52 β€” Christen Miller (DT)

55 β€” Jamaal Jarrett (DT)

58 β€” Austin Blaske (OT)

63 β€” Sedrick Van Pran (C)

65 β€” Amarius Mims (OT)

66 β€” Jonathan Washburn (LS)

69 β€” Tate Ratledge (OG)

71 β€” Earnest Greene (OT)

73 β€” Xavier Truss (OG)

84 β€” Ladd McConkey (WR)

86 β€” Dillon Bell (WR)

89 β€” Braxton Hicks (WR)

91 β€” Huntley King (P)

92 β€” Liam Badger (K)

93 β€” Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins (DE)

94 β€” Jonathan Jefferson (DT)

94 β€” Henry Bates (K)

98 β€” Noah Jones (P)

Black Team

0 β€” Rian Davis (ILB)

0 β€” Roderick Robinson (RB)

1 β€” Nyland Green (CB)

3 β€” Kamari Lassiter (CB)

5 β€” RaRa Thomas (WR)

7 β€” Lawson Luckie (TE)

9 β€” Jackson Meeks (WR)

10 β€” Jamon Dumas-Johnson (ILB)

10 β€” Tyler Williams (WR)

12 β€” Brock Vandagriff (QB)

13 β€” Yazeed Haynes (WR)

14 β€” Gunner Stockton (QB)

14 β€” David Daniel-Sisavanh (S)

16 β€” CJ Madden (DE)

17 β€” Anthony Evans (WR)

18 β€” Xavian Sorey (ILB)

19 β€” Darris Smith (OLB)

22 β€” Javon Bullard (DB)

23 β€” Tykee Smith (DB)

23 β€” De’Nylon Morrissette (WR)

24 β€” Malaki Starks (S)

25 β€” EJ Lightsey (ILB)

26 β€” Collin Drake (QB)

28 β€” Mack Simmons (WR)

29 β€” Luke Bennett (WR)

31 β€” Grant Briscoe (WR)

32 β€” Chaz Chambliss (OLB)

35 β€” Jacob Fleming (DB)

36 β€” Cameron Kawa (WR)

37 β€” Izayah Reeves (WR)

38 β€” Brooks Bortle (WR)

39 β€” Miles Thornton (RB)

45 β€” Jacob Hardie (RB)

46 β€” Andrew Correa (WR)

48 β€” Joseph Daniels (RB)

53 β€” Dylan Fairchild (OG)

54 β€” Cade Brock (TE)

55 β€” Jared Wilson (OL)

56 β€” Micah Morris (OG)

56 β€” William Mote (LS)

57 β€” Monroe Freeling (OT)

57 β€” Luke Collins (OLB)

66 β€” Aliou Bah (OL)

68 β€” Chris Brown (OL)

72 β€” Griffin Scroggs (C)

74 β€” Drew Bobo (OG)

76 β€” Miles Johnson (OL)

78 β€” Chad Lindberg (OT)

78 β€” Nazir Stackhouse (DT)

79 β€” Weston Wallace (OL)

80 β€” Brandon Moody (WR)

81 β€” David Lalaian (TE)

82 β€” Logan Johnson (WR)

83 β€” Cole Speer (WR)

85 β€” Drew Sheehan (TE)

87 β€” Mekhi Mews (WR)

90 β€” Tramel Walthour (DE)

92 β€” Brett Thorson (P)

96 β€” Zion Logue (DT)

97 β€” Warren Brinson (DT)

99 β€” Jared Zirkel (K)

Out with Injury

2 β€” Kendall Milton (RB)

2 β€” Smael Mondon (ILB)

3 β€” Andrew Paul (RB)Β 

7 β€” Marvin Jones Jr. (OLB)Β 

11 β€” Jalon Walker (OLB)

13 β€” Mykel Williams (DE)

17 β€” Dan Jackson (S)

22 β€” Branson Robinson (RB)

27 β€” CJ Washington (ILB)

88 β€” Pearce Spurlin (TE)

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