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Hugh Freeze admits second transfer window has moved slower than expected

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Hugh Freeze admits second transfer window has moved slower than expected

For first-year coaches this is an important time of year, the 15-day, second transfer window when college football players are able to enter the NCAA transfer portal to seek a one-time move without having to sit out. It’s a chance to shore up your roster.

For Auburn‘s Hugh Freeze, activity this spring has been a little slower.

“It really has. We really weren’t sure what to expect and I do think it’s been quite a bit slower,” Freeze said. “I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, and of course we have the SEC agreement that we don’t go SEC to SEC this portal. So I haven’t really kept up with the number of kids that that would have been of interest for us.

“But outside of that it’s been quite a bit slower than what we probably anticipated. Feel like it picked up a little bit today, maybe, last couple days. Be curious to see what the rest of the week brings. I think it’s well documented that we’re always trying to improve our roster, so we’re constantly monitoring it.”

While spring football hasn’t completely wrapped up everywhere across the country, most major programs are done. Exit interviews will have begun with players, perhaps prompting some to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

So it’s possible there could yet be an influx of new players into the portal during the second transfer window.

“I think that depends on the kid and the discussions he’s having with his coaching staff,” Freeze said. “I’m not even sure who’s left to play their spring games, but obviously the portal’s going to close this Sunday except for graduates, they can enter any time they want. So I guess there’s probably still some more spring games to be played, but I would think most are completed by now. Those discussions are being had about their players and their coaching staffs as we speak, for sure.”

Auburn is one of the teams that has some question marks everywhere, not the least of which is at quarterback.

Will the Tigers be content to go into the season with Robby Ashford, TJ Finley and Holden Geriner? Or will Freeze look to supplement his quarterback room in the transfer portal?

Those are the tricky questions the Auburn coach will have to answer in the coming days.

“You just stumbled on the biggest challenge all of us sitting in these seats have,” Freeze said. “I don’t know that basketball would be any different. Figuring out the 85 in this new world is very, very challenging. Very, very difficult. And it also promotes some difficult conversations at times.”

Freeze pointed out you just have to do your best and hope everything pans out, especially in the second transfer window.

“I think you sit here and you do what’s best for Auburn,” Freeze said. “And that’s not always enjoyable by all, but it’s tough to manage the 85 and we go into the spring portal saying, ‘Here’s the ideal plan, we sign this number at this position and this number at this position and this is how we get to the 85, by doing that.

“But all of that is subjected to everything going exactly your way and players going into the portal that you think improves you. And when that doesn’t happen you hope that your Plan B is still able to be successful. So it’s a challenge.”

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