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Shane Beamer admits he’s not a fan of one rule change in college football

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Shane Beamer admits he’s not a fan of one rule change in college football

Almost every year the NCAA passes a few rule changes in college football and for the most part they’re met with open arms, having already been discussed quite a bit by coaches and administrators around the country.

However, a recent rule change to allow prospects to take unlimited official visits did not fit that description. And South Carolina coach Shane Beamer had some choice words about it, speaking to reporters at a ‘Welcome Home Tour’ event in Aiken, S.C.

“I’m not a fan of the unlimited official visits,” Beamer said. “I think by the time official visits come around guys, prospects, got it narrowed down. They know the three, four, five schools. I mean we had guys that signed with us that took one official visit or two official visits.”

Schools are still limited in how many official visits they can host, so there are still some restrictions despite the rule change in college football.

But for the prospects themselves there’s now more freedom and flexibility. With that, though, there are some potential drawbacks.

“It gets tiresome, I think, for the players, as well, taking official visits,” Beamer said. “If you’re taking 10 you’re missing days of school at some point and things like that as well. I’m not a fan of that. That one kind of came out of nowhere. There wasn’t a lot of discussion that we had as coaches or administrators about that one.”

Like every coach, though, Beamer will do what he must to adjust to the rule change in college football.

Another rule he’ll have to adjust to is a change in the clock operation around first downs in college football. Previously the clock stopped after every first down until the ball was set and marked ready for play on the ensuing down.

That will change in 2023.

The clock will now run after first downs unless the game is in the final two minutes before the end of a half. In the final two minutes, the clock will stop after first downs until the ball is set and marked ready for play.

While the college football rule change will alter the game slightly, Beamer didn’t think it would require a whole lot of adjustment from coaches.

“The rules or changes to the rules of the game and things like that, those are things that we have talked a little bit about,” Beamer said. “I guess it would have been back in February at SEC head coaches meetings in Birmingham. I don’t think it’s going to affect it too much as far as my role goes. Clock’s still going to stop in the last two minutes and all that as well. And that’s really, from my standpoint, we become even more cognizant of the clock.”

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