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What Texas football’s spring recruiting process looks like

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What Texas football’s spring recruiting process looks like

Texas football coaches are on the road recruiting. Coaches are allowed to visit high schools in the spring, the fall and winter.

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So that’s partially why we’ve seen a smattering of new scholarship offers in the past couple of weeks.

The assistant coaches go check on a several high school players, and if they like them, they either put them in the queue to be evaluated by the personnel staff. Or the personnel staff has already evaluated them and it’s why the visit by the assistant was made in the first place.

On defense, Pete Kwiatkowski has major input. But overall, it’s up to Steve Sarkisian to make the final call on any scholarship offer.


The process for Texas is not abnormal. Many schools use the same, or at least a very similar, one.

So why does Sark get seemingly better results, or perhaps even maximize them?

I think he’s got a feel for recruiting that’s a little bit different than most head coaches.

First, he very rarely tries to put recruits in a hot box and make a quick decision. Nor does he have a group of assistant coaches and off-field recruiters who oversell or overhype the program.

Instead, it’s about building a longer term relationship, one where he tries to figure out who best fits the team he wants.

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Second, even when a recruit is seemingly a good culture fit, Sark is not over-enamored by that fit. He still wants the best player.

Sark is willing to hold out for a little longer for that right mix of talent and personality.

No, he’s not perfect, no coach ever is. But he’s persistent and judicious.

What we’re seeing with these new offers is all a part of that process.

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